Recovery of the former bicycle factory building, Art production and exhibition area, Architectonic redevelopment of the area including hotel, parking and housing blocks.

Competition 1st. prize, October 2008
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Client: Ljubljana City Council
Budget: EUR 45,000,000.00
Area: 40,000sqm developed phases: building pemision project finished
Construction Estimated date 2014 - public part
Architect: Boris Bezan, Mara Partida, Héctor Mendoza
Collaborators: Olga Bombac, Oscar Espinosa, Jure Kolenc, Bor Pungercic

The city of Ljubljana recently acquired ownership of a building that formerly housed an important bicycle factory - ‘’ROG’’. It is a building that represents an important piece of architectural and industrial heritage, being the first reinforced concrete building in this country. It is a frame structure with arches and girders that support a longitudinally proportioned space with bilateral lighting.

In addition to its historical and material importance, it is the building’s strategic location that demands a relevant urban renewal through the insertion of cultural and tertiary programmes, coupled with new housing blocks.

The spatial organization of the old factory has always been diaphanous. A new transparent body attaches to the old, making it possible to organize access, circulations and infrastructure for the new program. The old building remains spatially intact but with the new addition capable of fulfiling the required contemporary level of comfort and technology.
The presence of the new building does not challenge the heritage building. It proposes a discrete and contemporary dialog, running along the lines of creating an adequate image with different sets of textures, reflections and transparencies.

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