Location: Historic Centre of Granada
Client: City of Granada
Budget: EUR 1.2 million Area: 3,133 m2
Construction: Estimated 2011
Architect: Boris Bezan + Mónica Juvera + Mara Partida + Héctor Mendoza

The public space is a symbiotic result of the introduction of the new Cultural Centre for the Federico García Lorca Foundation into the city. This open space aims to achieve both a dialogue and a continuity between the centre and the plaza.
The project proposes to unify the surface topography, so that the city and the FGL Foundation can accommodate a greater variety of outdoor events. The resulting geometry and the simple traces of paving layout follow existing patterns taken from lines of the historic environment. Existing palm trees are replaced with newer trees, capable of providing shade without obstructing the views of the important elements of the square. The paving and trees are adapted to the intensive use of the square, reducing maintenance to a minimum.

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