Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Client: Private
Budget: MXN 4,800,000.00
Area: 120 sqm
Construction estimated 2011
MX-SI : Mara Partida, Héctor Mendoza

In our practice, there is one question frequently raised: where does the interior space start? Or, where does the exterior space end? In fact, one can identify a total spatial continuity and at the same time be able to mark the boundaries of individual spaces. This is a spatial scheme that adapts to a particular family that wishes to be independent from urban stress and have a direct connection to the landscape and vistas towards nature.

The visual relationship between the outside and the inside world will not be through a simple window. The threshold extends, stretches and breaks at various levels, giving depth to each perspective. So the variety of windows, shutters, voids, balconies, decks, railings, etc., plays an important role in following and extending the view, and connecting with the outside.

The intense light of Guadalajara plays an important aesthetic role. However, one must understand how to qualify it, and even protect it when necessary. The interior is white, with light coming from several sources, maintaining an atmosphere of freshness and clarity. In turn, there is an important effect of surprise when from the exterior one can see an almost blind house, but in contrast, the interior spaces generously open outwards and capture the beauty of light and views.